Learn how to engage your light-speed subconscious mind (pdf e-book)


KoRe A-to-Z set of 26 inspirational two-minute knowledge hacks by Vadim

A. Subconscious vs. Conscious

B. Most Promising Areas for Light-speed Subconscious Thinking

C. Super-Smart vs. Smart

D. Smart & Fast Thinker

E. Three Levels of Comprehension

F. Trust Your Intuitive Wiser Self

G. Two Levels of Intuition: Subconscious and Divine

H. Develop Your Subconscious Intuition

I. Wise Listening: 3 Levels

J. Trust Your First Thought

K. Three Levels of Creativity

L. SuperCreativity: Conscious + Subconscious + Divine

M. Awaken Your Subconscious Mind: from Brainstorming to Brainstilling

N. Relax to Lure Inspiration

O. Invent While Sleeping

P. Creativity Perpetuum Mobile

Q. Subconscious Ideation

R. Ideate on Autopilot

S. Serendipity-powered Creativity

T. How To Develop Serendipity

U. Discovering and Inventing: SARS Synergy

V. How To Anticipate Change

W. Open Mind

X. Use Metaphors for Subconscious Understanding and Inspiration

Y. Positive Affirmations for Achievement

Z. Practice To Develop Desired Subconscious Thinking Habits

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You'll get 26 insightful smart & fast one-page lessons. Each smart lesson consists of an inspirational slide and a half-page executive summary. All lessons are easy to put into practice.

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