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by a content-marketing pioneer..

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Set of 26 inspirational two-minute knowledge hacks

Each one-page lesson consists of a slide with a half-page executive summary.

A. T-shaped Digital Market

B. Make Your Offers Irresistible

C. Magnetic Marketing Strategies

D. Copywriting Companions: Human + AI

E. Customer-focused Website

F. Promote Your Website

G. SEO Growth Marketing

H. Content Marketing: Purpose, Channels, Focus

I. Content Marketing: Content, Interaction, Format

J. Content Marketing: Art vs. Skill

K. Organic Content Marketing: Inbound and Outbound Strategies

L. Attractive Headline: MFB formula

M. Attractive Headline: Drivers and Words

N. Impactful Images

O. Engaging Words

P. Mental Maps

Q. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

R. Yin and Yang of Social Media Marketing

S. Digital Word-of-Mouth Marketing

T. Influencer Marketing

U. Brand Ambassadors

V. Online Presentations

W. Guest Posting

X. Effective Landing Page

Y. Engage Customers

Z. Tips for Boosting Sales

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You may use slides from this slide deck freely with any audience. You may also change the slides as per your requirements.

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