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MEGA-Thinker (for teachers)


Learn and teach how to engage light-speed subconscious mind.

The smartest way to win in today's rapidly changing world where THE FAST eats the slow is to master light-speed subconscious thinking.

Our subconscious mind works millions times faster. It can invent complex systems overnight. It helps us discover and forecast. Yet, few people know how to turn light-speed subconscious ideation, creativity and intuition on, unfortunately.

This PowerPoint package is for teachers/trainers who want to help their students to think MILLIONS times faster!

I mastered this skill over 20 years ago and I have been inventing new things and making complex decisions quickly and easily ever since..

I'm happy to share my know-how with you. It will help you STAND OUT as a teacher. It will also help your students STAND OUT as smart & fast thinkers.

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You'll get 30 insightful smart & fast one-page lessons. Each smart lesson consists of an inspirational PowerPoint slide and a half-page executive summary. All lessons are easy to put into practice.

Smart & Fast teaching: slides + half-page executive summary
30 smart & fast lessons
6.8 MB
28 pages
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MEGA-Thinker (for teachers)

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